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Thanks to the four-way stretch in the fabric, they work on every body shape, whether you’re rocker-level skinny or The Rock-level athletic.

The Revtown product team boasts some of the top designers and engineers from the most innovative athletic apparel brands today, complemented by a denim manufacturing team that has made over 150 million pairs of jeans, with a combined 100 years of denim production experience.

Revtown’s Sharp style could be considered the Goldilocks of denim jeans with just the right hint of stretch and the perfect slim-not-skinny fit.

Revtown jeans aims to bring to the market performance denim that holds as much style as it does function.

If There’s Such a Thing as “Performance” Jeans, Here’s the Best Pair of Them

The Pittsburgh, PA-based denim company is manufacturing a pair of jeans that’s easily the best damn pair of denim I’ve ever owned for the price. Easily.

The Best Jeans in the World.

The best damn pants you've ever frickn' worn

They're as tough as work pants, as comfortable as sweatpants and as stylish as designer jeans... that's the trifecta.

Their new women’s jeans have the stretch and comfort of yoga pants but with the durability of denim, making them polished enough for work or going out.

Super Comfy, Feel Good Denim

We love these jeans because they get the most important thing right. FIT

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