SHARP — Totally on point. The jeans have the flex of Decade Denim, but the fit is more precise to your true size. Designed for a meeting, a date, or any time you need to look put together.

Check out our fit tool to find the right size Sharps for you. Pair them with a blazer and wingtips for a classed up outfit. Or try an oxford and cardigan for a sharp everyday look. 


AUTOMATIC — The go-to jeans for any guy, any time, any place. These jeans are designed to be mobile and forgiving—but never sloppy. Perfect for the daily grind or kicking around on the weekend.

Long hours at the office or a holiday weekend push you over your fighting weight? No worries. Just enter your info into our fit tool to get the Automatics size that will fit best.

Trying to figure out your size brand to brand makes buying pants tough. So we took the guesswork out of finding the right fit. Our Digital Tailor uses your personal info to give you your exact size in Revtown jeans. Just enter your height, weight and a few other details, and get the size that's guaranteed to fit you best. Pretty simple, right?