Our declaration is simple: The best fitting, most comfortable pair of pants in your closet should be a pair of jeans.

How do we deliver on that? DECADE DENIM.

DECADE DENIM, our signature and trademarked fabric, is made from a premium Italian yarn and infused with with four-way, dynamic stretch, and constructed with the strongest fibers in apparel design today.

This means Revtown jeans will fit better than any other pants in your wardrobe, for a long, long time.

Our denim looks and fits the way jeans are supposed to, from day one. There’s no need to break them in. They won’t dig into your waist, crush your crotch, or cut off your circulation. You can sit, stand and squat without the usual discomfort of a typical pair of designer jeans. Oh yeah, and you can actually use your pockets. Go figure.

And the best part? By selling directly to our customers, we can provide a superior pair of jeans at an absurdly fair price.

That’s what makes Revtown the holy grail of jeans.