Our mission is simple: Make great jeans.

Who we are

We love jeans. From denim icons like James Dean to the uniform of the modern day workplace, jeans have been a central part of culture and society through the ages.

After years working in athletic apparel, we saw an opportunity to bring an innovative twist to this classic wardrobe staple. We applied some of the best parts of workout gear—like comfort, flexibility, and durability—to jeans. The result?

Jeans that last longer, look great, and are incredibly comfortable.

The best part? We deliver them directly to your doorstep. That means premium jeans at a fair price.

Decade Denim We're making tried-and-true denim even better than you remember. And it starts with our Decade Denim.

Decade Denim is the fabric used in every pair of our jeans. It's a proprietary, Italian fabric that combines classic denim, a little bit of stretch and a strong, durable thread—just like the stuff used in football uniforms and yoga leggings.

It’s what makes our jeans different, elevating your everyday look from routine to game-changing.

We produce our fabric at the greenest mill in the world.

Clean denim production is our priority. That’s why our mill takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability—its environmental practices and restrictions are the strictest regulations in the denim industry. And 100% of all waste is recycled into denim yarn or insulation for local housing.
Our denim is sustainably dyed using shrimp shells, orange peels, and nut shells. This process uses 30% less energy, 50% less water and 70% less chemicals than traditional dying techniques across the industry.

Better Cotton, Better Jeans.

Revtown's denim is made from certified cotton, an initiative aimed at creating cleaner, sustainable cotton production. It ensures water is used efficiently, regulates the cotton’s soil health to meet high standards, and protects rights for farmers.

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